Stay on top of the startups in your program

Collect actionable insights from your mentors and startups

Progress tracking

Set milestones for the teams and allow mentors and program managers to track them jointly with the entrepreneurs.

Connect the startups to the mentors

Help your startups get the most out of your mentor network. Encourage them to ask for help when they need it.

Collect quick feedback and avoid mentor whiplash

Mentors can send messages or file quick progress updates on the milestones after they had a session with the startup. This enables other mentors as well as program managers to stay up-to-date and saves everybody time when meeting up.

Automatic Email and Slack notifications

All the mentors, startup founders and program managers receive updates automatically in their inbox or their Slack channel in case somebody shares a message on VenturePulse. Mentors can decide who they want to follow to avoid email overload.

Weekly reminders to mentors

Mentors receive a automatic reminder every week to post an update on the startups they’ve met.

Coming soon - Manage your workshops

Organize your workshops easily. Send preparation instructions and gather expectations. Send out feedback surveys and gather results in a single click.